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The convoy and rallies to Ottawa are a massive undertaking. We can't do it without your help. If you can, please support us today.

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"On average, from 2009-2013, natural resource firms have contributed about $26 billion/yr in revenue for all governments." ​​                       - Natural Resouces Canada

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Rally 4 Resources is a grassroots movement from Western Canada and working tirelessly to promote our resource based industries. With other like minded organizations, we have co hosted over 2 dozen pro Canadian resource, non partisan rallies from coast to coast in 2018 alone. Our mission is to unite support from all levels - the people of Canada, industry, and government, and to influence government in their policy making affecting Canada's natural resource sector.

All of Western Canada needs to stand in solidarity to defend and promote the future of our resource based industries, dependent on pipeline approvals and construction, tidewater access, LNG, oil sands & coal development and you- the people. Stand up, be counted, and let your voice be heard. Help us take our message from Western Canada to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Find out how you can join the movement by clicking the icons below.