april 27th

The War on Canadian Oil & Gas

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Rally 4 Resources is a grassroots movement looking for support from all levels; the people of Western Canada, industry and government.  With the existing state of affairs in Alberta and Western Canada, our goal is to promote our resource based industries, and influence government decision making and policy with a convoy from Western Canada to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The inspiration behind the Rally 4 Resources movement were the rallies in Northern BC for LNG development.  This is something that all of Western Canada needs; to stand in solidarity, together to defend and promote our resource based industries future (pipeline approvals & construction, tidewater access, LNG, oil sands, & coal development, and any other economically viable energy sources).  It will also be important to encourage all other industries that have been negatively impacted by the economic downturn and government policy, to join in this movement.

One of the biggest challenges will be finding participants due to the current economic situation.  The trip would be volunteer & at your own cost & risk.  We are asking for Western Canadians to pull together and support this effort in whatever ways they can.  We are looking for convoy participants in all styles – Semi trucks, pick ups, cars, motorbikes, etc. – to take this message to Ottawa. 

 In order to make the Rally 4 Resources a success, we are looking for vehicles departing from multiple locations in Western Canada with the destination being Parliament Hill when the House of Commons returns for fall session.  Email us today to sign up or for more details. 

 "United we stand. Divided we fall."



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