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Earl Dreeshen, MP (Federal Government)

Room 584 Confederation Building

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

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the letter

Date: _______________________

Dear Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers,

I am writing to you today to express my support for the oil and gas industry in Western Canada, and the
rest of Canada as a whole. As a resident of _______________________________, I know that this
industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs Canada wide, and is only sustainable if we can get our
product to tidewater and to overseas markets.

We all know that this business begins here in Western Canada, and the efforts of the people in this
industry are the pebble in the pond causing ripples of opportunity across our great country. This allows
families from coast to coast to coast to benefit and live fruitful and financially secure lives. Without
a firm stand by our federal government on pipeline approvals going both east (i.e. Energy East) and west
(i.e. Northern Gateway, Pacific Northwest LNG Project, Trans Mountain Expansion Project),
acknowledging that sustainable and responsible production and shipping of our natural resources to
overseas markets is paramount to Canada’s economic success, we risk falling out of the resource market

As a proud Canadian oil & gas advocate, I say YES to pipelines and long term responsible energy
management. Without them, everybody loses, including the government due to eroding the tax base
you so dearly need. I urge this government to be responsible and do what’s right for Canadians by
putting us first and recognizing that our resources belong to the people of Canada.


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