Support the Cause

There's power in numbers, and we need your support to build momentum for this movement. Here's how you can help:


If you can join the convoy and or rally in Ottawa please sign up with us today.  Please include how many will be with you and your vehicle type.


It's going to be a long road to Ottawa. From awareness events and campaigns, to food and fuel along the way, this is going to be an expensive, but doable endeavour with your support. If you,or your business would like to contribute financially,  or for more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact us at 


Getting our message out to people, industries, and government of all levels, will be fundamental to the success of the movement. And they are starting to notice. Governments officials, industry representatives, and people from all provinces are reaching out to rally for our resources. If you're a part of a like-minded cause, and you see an opportunity to work together to support each other in our missions, or if you, or your organization can help us spread the word, email us at  


We are building our team and assigning roles and responsibilities.  We would like supportive, brave individuals to come forward from all industries to represent Rally 4 Resources.  Speakers at Parliament Hill from all levels – grassroots, industry & government - are needed!  Email us today at if you’re one of those people!


The organization of the convoy is going to require some expertise.  If you or someone you know has a background in Logistics, please let us know by emailing us at


Be heard! Express your support for responsible governance of our resources. Click here to learn more about our letter campaign and to print your copy to sign and mail (for FREE) to MP Earl Dreeshen, in Ottawa. Email us if you'd like to include a personal impact story at


If you would like to get active with Rally 4 Resources, you can help by printing our flyer and sharing it in your community today!  Click here to print the R4R flyer.