Enforce the RULE OF LAW: Remove the protesters and end the blockades!

The rule of law in Canada, recognized in the Constitution Act of 1982 states that we are all equal in the eyes of the law regardless of race, belief, gender, social class or position of power. Recent blockades and protests around the Coastal GasLink pipeline in B.C. has our country in turmoil. Protesters have blocked rail, traffic, and bridges in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, St. John's, Belleville, and Halifax.

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For days protesters blocked the Port of Vancouver and DeltaPort. Commuter trains are halted between Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. There were four alleged assaults reported at the B.C. legislature where extremists have been camped out since Monday. And now Canadian National Railway's lines are at risk of being closed.


These radicals are impeding others' rights to get to work, school, home to their families, to medical appointments, and even funerals. The blockade of vital railways is threatening movement of goods and supplies and has "many of Canada's industry groups bracing for impact - if they aren't already feeling it."


Injunctions were issued, but police are ignoring them, failing to enforce the law, and are instead "monitoring" the situations. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time we've seen this in Canada. In 2013 Ontario Judge Brown condemned Ontario police for ignoring injunctions and not breaking up Idle No More protests. Brown also predicted the very disaster we're experiencing today. 'Brown, who now sits on the Ontario Court of Appeal, continued: "Such an approach by the OPP was most disappointing because it undercut the practical effect of the injunction order. That kind of passivity by the police leads me to doubt that a future exists in this province for the use of court injunctions in cases of public demonstrations."'


Law enforcement must uphold the rule of law if we value peace, order, and democracy. We cannot let anarchists and lawlessness dictate the future of our country. The recent decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline appeal offers certainty for resource development and infrastructure projects in Canada. David Staples explained in an article last week that it "reasserted that no such veto power exists, not for anyone, not even for First Nations groups that the rest of Canada are now keenly trying to accommodate."


British Columbia Premier John Horgan has also stated that we must uphold the rule of law and the Coastal GasLink pipeline built. At a press conference on January 13th, the Premier spoke of the broad support for the project among B.C. Indigenous communities in Northern BC. "We want everyone to understand that there are agreements from the Peace Country to Kitimat with Indigenous communities that want to see economic activity and prosperity take place," he said. "All the permits are in place for this project to proceed. This project is proceeding and, the rule of law needs to prevail in B.C."


Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that in 2014 the government and industry were warned by RCMP. A Globe and Mail article from September of that years states that "RCMP analysts have warned government and industry that environmental extremists pose a "clear and present criminal threat" to Canada's energy sector, and are more likely to strike at critical infrastructure than religiously inspired terrorists, according to a report released under Access to Information.


Written by the force's critical infrastructure intelligence team, the 22-page RCMP document argues there is a "growing criminal phenomenon" associated with environmentalism that aims to interfere with regulatory reviews and force companies to forego development." Click here to read the full article


And here we are. Environmental radicals are creating chaos for Canadians and threatening us with an economic emergency by disrupting the transport of goods from multiple industries. Regardless of political affiliation, all rational Canadians should agree that there is no place for mob rule, violence, and intimidation in our society. The rule of law MUST prevail.


Stand up for the rule of law and democracy by signing this petition and sending a clear message to governments at all levels and law enforcement that they must UPHOLD THE RULE OF LAW!

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