Schools are no place for Radical Activists.

Do you agree?

Yes I want radical activists out of our children's schools.
No I want radical activists teaching in schools.



Lately, Canadian schools have been exposed to radical views and have distorted the perception of Canada’s oil & gas development.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe the environment is important, environmental concerns should, and always are top of mind.

But in reality when these activists enter schools, they aren’t speaking to climate solutions. They’re selling fear, and when our schools welcome this type of activism into our classrooms, it can create unconstructive fear and panic in our students.

In Canada, our energy sector has some of the highest environmental standards in the world. Companies from the sector are also some of the biggest investors in green energy, and strive to continually reduce our GHG intensity.

Big, cold Canada’s contribution to global GHG emissions is merely 1.6%, and in terms of emissions per square kilometer, Canada barely registers! Meanwhile, China and the USA account for almost 40% of global emissions! These activists never focus on what Canada is doing to reduce the other 98.4% emissions. Unfortunately, they are singularly focused on Canada's perceived shortcomings.

According to a recent article in the National Post, a grade 2/3 class in Toronto watched a presentation with activist Greta Thunberg. A mother of one of the students said it "left her young daughter fearing Earth's imminent demise" and another child yelled "I don't wanna die" during the presentation. How can anyone say that such a result is healthy, and will instill a desire to work towards practical and achievable environmental solutions. Paralysis helps no one.

Between 2018 and 2019, The 3% Project did four cross Canada school tours. The 3% Project is partly funded by groups that are apart of a decade long campaign to land lock Canadian oil. The director, Steve Lee is a climate activist, United Nations policy advocate and was personally trained by Al Gore. Some of the material given and presented to students by Lee is questionable which begs the question; why aren't Canadian educators fact checking third party presenters?

These groups  provide no solutions, only fear.

To be clear, we want to see our children learn about the environment, but to claim we can abandon oil and gas use is reckless. Modern civilization is reliant on these forms of energy, and to suggest to children they can be immediately cast aside is flippant, and cheapens any discussion on the environment. Moreover, we also want them to know that Canada is a world leader when it comes to environmental protection. Our oil and gas sector is an environmental leader, in 2017 alone they invested $1.62 billion in clean tech, which was 82% of clean tech investment. Canada is 3rd in the world in installed hydro. We rank 7th in installed wind capacity, Our Liquefied Natural Gas has the potential to displace coal use in Asia. None of this is mentioned even in passing by activists in our schools.

Radical view points and campaigns shouldn't be allowed in our schools. Period.



Will you support our efforts to get radical environmental activists out of our children's schools?